About Us

Ooty Convent School according to the aim and motto always strives to educate mainly the poor and the neglected of the surrounding area and helps themselves to the better members of society.

Ooty Convent School, with Dr.PUSHPA ABEL who was Founder and Secretory and AUGUSTIN ABEL as Principal started exactly in 2005, with handfull of childrens.

The school was recognized by the education department.

The school encourages the students to take part in all school and inter school literary competition like drawing and painting, essay and debate in English, kannada and Hindi.

Our students also take part in science quiz programs.

The computer centre are well equiped, So that the staff may be enlightened and encouraged by him with great dedication and sacrifice to impart sound and all round education to the children.

We raise our hearts and minds to God and gratitude for all his blessing and for having walked with us during all these years.

We organise a Cutural day every year,on annual day celebration of our school which give the children opportunity to take part in activities such as dancing,anchoring,singing and many more.

We also aim for the physical conditions our children , by appointing a faculty who would let the childrens' explore their tallents.We organise a special event called sports day every year ,to keep chindrens' cheared up.

Finally we shall always remember with gratitude to our teachers both men and women, and non teaching staff, who worked hard with great dedicatio.